Just to clarify… the Republican front runner is a media-savvy, “self made” billionaire property developer, reality TV star and, the other one is the “still-in-the-game” independent, fist-pumping, self-described democratic socialist.

These are, in the medias opinion, the most likely US Presidential candidates? Seriously?

These are two strongly anti-establishment candidates competing for the job of the most powerful political leader in the World!  While they come from differing ends of the political spectrum there is a clear similarity; their stocks are rising on a popular groundswell of enthusiasm to “shake things up”.

This anti-establishment trend is not just a US phenomena.  Back at home, albeit on a less confronting scale, we’ve seen politicians like Pauline Hansen, Jacqui Lambie and Clive Palmer rise on the back of the same populist rhetoric. As Australia heads into its own campaigning season will our major parties be taking note of this trend? So, what’s driving it?

It seems evident that voters are disappointed and really don’t trust (more than usual) the current crop of “normal” politicians. Voters have grown tired of the politically-correct status quo and are willing to vote for anyone authentic and willing to make radical changes. Anti-establishment voters simply want the establishment – the government – to do what we voted them in to do and without intrusion from back room deals, big business or union interests. We don’t need to rewrite the constitution, just follow it.

So what can we learn? Politics is politics, and thankfully, our system of choosing a leader doesn’t follow the theatrics that the US does. For now.

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