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My mortgage or super?

shutterstock_195738788I’m often asked whether it’s best to pay off your mortgage first or salary sacrifice money into superannuation. With interest rates at a historical low and the average balanced super fund returning just under 10% in the 2013/14 year* it’s an important question.

The answer to this question is never the same; your age, your income and ability to take a disciplined approach to this strategy will all play a part in whether it’s right for you.

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You’ve insured your car but not your income??!

shutterstock_potholesWould you drive your car without insuring it? No way! It would set me back both financially and lifestyle-wise if I had an accident and had to replace my own (and perhaps somebody else’s) car.

I mean, I could get by without a car… I could ride one of those trendy vintage cruisers (perhaps not through a Melbourne winter). I could catch public transport. I could even borrow my Dad’s not-so-trendy Valiant now and then.

While I could get away without a car I would prefer not to.

This is why I can never understand why people insure their cars but don’t insure their incomes – quite likely their greatest asset.

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The secret to a life of wealth…

shutterstock_106824620I’m going to share with you the secret to becoming rich. Perhaps it’s the season of giving or maybe even a little too much Christmas cheer, but I’m going to share with you the key to a life of wealth.

It’s actually very simple in theory, however in many cases requires an overhaul of how you live your life.

The unbelievable thing about what I’m about to reveal is so many people aren’t doing it, because if they were there wouldn’t be too much financial struggling going on. Yes, there would still be the usual grumbling about taxes and budget cuts, but most people would be happy enough.

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Protecting yourself from STDs…


At 28 Sally contracted her first STD. It was a long and painful process to get over and she’s doing much better (thank-you for asking). One thing she learned from her experience is that prevention is better than cure.  Surprisingly, STDs are more common than you think!

“Sexually transmitted debt” is when you become liable for your partner’s debt as a result of your marital or de-facto relationship, rather than a conscious acceptance of the debt. It can arise in a relationship in a number of contexts, for example, when you provide an “all monies” mortgage or if you guarantee your partner’s loan. STDs commonly arise when one party incurs debts during the relationship (for example by not paying their taxes, by gambling large sums of money or through bad investments) and the other party becomes liable for a share of those debts.

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Prenups… Just for celebrities?

prenup image

While it appears it’s a prerequisite in Hollywood to attach a prenuptial agreement with a marriage certificate, do everyday couples need a prenup (or binding financial agreement)?

Generally speaking, Australians are marrying later, meaning they have worked for longer and accumulated assets in their own name including property, cars, superannuation and other investments. The future ownership of these assets – particularly when one partner brings more assets than the other into the relationship – can be a challenging situation for couples to deal with.

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