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When life gives you lemons…

shutterstock_204652387Recently we saw the very poignant Carrie Bickmore share her experience of losing her husband to brain cancer, in the bid to raise awareness for what is the leading cause of cancer death in young people.

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You’ve insured your car but not your income??!

shutterstock_potholesWould you drive your car without insuring it? No way! It would set me back both financially and lifestyle-wise if I had an accident and had to replace my own (and perhaps somebody else’s) car.

I mean, I could get by without a car… I could ride one of those trendy vintage cruisers (perhaps not through a Melbourne winter). I could catch public transport. I could even borrow my Dad’s not-so-trendy Valiant now and then.

While I could get away without a car I would prefer not to.

This is why I can never understand why people insure their cars but don’t insure their incomes – quite likely their greatest asset.

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